KiSS Dolls of Characters!

Alice Walker- 10th Generation Nosferatu.  Desputed Prince of SWT. Gisele Leon (BESM version)- Abandoned her physical body to protect a very important grove of trees. Antanasia Petrovich- Well-trained sorceress and all around bitch Ginger- Ancient spellcaster.  Merideth's Paragon. Angela Vesper- Werecat and member of the Agency
Merideth- Ginger's Sword.  A southern belle who likes shoes an awful, awful lot. Lucretia Leange (WoD version)- 10 (as far as anyone knows) Generation Malkavian.  Assistant to the Prince of Austin.  Scourge.  Primogen. Liandra Viadraen- Wheel of Time character.  Wolfsister and Whitecloak Questioner.  Not a good combination, really.

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