The word Omake is used in Japan to describe anything that is extra. It can either be used the way we say "extras" or "free", like if a product comes with freebies in it, or if a DVD contains outtakes or other funny bits, or it can be used much like the english term "easter eggs". (See for better information on "easter eggs") "Easter eggs" are little hidden things that find their ways into all sorts of things... including this site!

This page is home to all kinds of little things that I don't have enough of to put on my main site, or things that might be on my main site eventually, but I don't know how I'm going to work them in, or there's just not enough content for them yet to make it a good idea to show them off on my site. I was just going to work on these pages and things and keep them completely private until they were ready, but I decided an omake page was much more fun.
Remember that everything you link to here is in it's raw format-- there's nothing pretty about how things are displayed, and I'm not going to inform anyone when this page is updated, you'll just have to check back every now and then and see if there's anything new. And just think, when some of this stuff DOES reach my real website, you'll have seen the spiffy cool process of it being formed!

Stuf that's here right now:

KiSS dolls of a few of my characters

Stuff that may or may not be comming:
Bizzare pictures (like the picture I have of this weird ring around the moon that doesn't fit anywhere else!)
Links to other Omake pages, or to weird conspiracy sites.
Pictures of Warhammer stuff/my army lists.
Weird webgraphics that I can't use anywhere, but are just too damn cute.
Non-cosplay Character pictures.

Is there anything you'd like to see here or on the main site? Drop me a line and say so!