Welcome to The Fire and the Light!

"And in the evening,
After the fire and the light,
Once thing is certain,
Nothing can hold back the night..."

Billy Joel
Two Thousand Years

Welcome to the Fire and the Light!

Well... I've changed everything again. I realised that one of the reasons I never updated anymore wasn't because I wasn't writing, it was because I didn't like the site. So I've changed it around a little bit. All the old stories are here, you may just have to look around a little bit.

Some of the links may not work just right yet, but I figured I should get the site back up as soon as possible- and fix everything later. Shouldn't take more than a week to get everything all shined up and better than ever- and there's a couple of new stories in the works!

Anyone who wishes to can still reach me atLucretia@jenovaproject.com
(if you have trouble with this address, please try me here

What's New?
7/2- Completely changed the layout of the whole site. And re-opened!
5/26- "Long Enough, I'd Say" is in the Final Fantasy Section. It's a Vincent story.
5/19- "Silent Stars" is up. (it's in the "Other Fanfiction" section)
12/18- "Fly With Me..." yaoi version and "Could I Ever Forget You" (both GW) are up. Fanfic page got a make-over.

What's Comming?
I'm (once again) attempting a re-write of "The Fire and The Light" (the fanfiction). We'll see how this one goes...

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About Me! I'm not weird... I'm gifted. No really. Stop laughing!

You are insane person number to see the light since it moved here on 7/4/99. (Add 370 to that to get your number since the lighting of the fire)

Last updated on 5/28/01

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