Here you'll find links to my friends' pages and to other various sites of intrest.
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(Can you tell I'm NOT a graphic artist?)

Not as bad as it sounds! This page features a weird DJ theme every month- such as "Trieze in the Bath" month. There's some well marked shounen-ai.

MadamHydra's Lair A *GREAT* site. Wonderful fanfiction. Heavy on the yaoi. I LOVE The Darker Side of Duo Maxwell! Her stories are wonderful! READREADREAD!

Midgar Psychological Services, INC. This has got to be the funniest FFVII site I have ever seen in my life. It's weird as hell, but cool. (Some yaoi, but you can enjoy yourself there without running into it.)

I don't know whether this should be in this section or the other links of intrest section. The artwork here is magnificent, and there's a little FF7 art.

Nice smattering of stuff, and just a damn cool page to look at. (This one's got some yaoi too... do you see a theme developing here?)

Gee... what to say about this site... Hmmm... how about I LOVE IT!!!!! It's a beautiful site with a beautiful shrine to Vincent Valentine. (A beautiful man) Doesn't get any better than this.... ::sigh::

Delirium This is the most excellent Delirium site I have seen. Period.

War, Peace, Revolution My other site- yaoi free.

Above the Lights A shrine to one of my other obsessions not covered here, Phantom of the Opera.

I aquired many of the non-anime graphics from this site.

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