Early Writings

These are all my writings from early high school and before. Most of them will eventually undergo re-writes and be given a place on the main page. Until then, they reside here because I can't bring myself to get rid of them... but I can't quite catagorize them with the others since my writing has improved so much since their writing.
Enjoy all the same!

We Can't Go Back to Where We Were
(Sailor Moon, Songfic, Molly/Neflite)
Rating: G or light PG
SPOILER if you haven't made it past about
halfway through the first season.

Who Can Hold a Memory?
(Sailor Moon, Videofic, Serena/Darien)
Rating: G
SPOILER if you haven't seen all of the first
season and at least the first two episodes of the second.

Devil With a Red Dress On.
Rating: G
What happens when you play with Desire of the Endless...

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