My Writing

Here's where you'll find my various writings from school, and maybe eventually some creative stuff as well!

Papers are organized by the class they were written for this year, and by year for years previous.

Junior Year

Storm of Ideas A paper on critical analysis of "The Tempest"
Mid-Term (take home part) I made a 100 on this paper, and a 98 on the entire test, by the way.
Had to do With Goblin Men A paper about goblins, and how they relate to Christina Rossetti's poem "Goblin Market".
The Unseen, the Unseemly, and the Unspoken Another paper on "Goblin Market".

All of the following are part of one giant project that took all semester.
Imhotep: A Living Myth (short paper)
Death is Only the Beginning (final paper)

Sophmore Year

...As We Slip Leisurely Into Winter (English)
I also plan on posting up most of our DTA (dramatic theory and analysis) paper eventually. It's an 80+ page monster, though, so I'm trying to cut it down!)

Freshman Year

Critical Analysis- Six Degrees of Separation
Critical Analysis- Fosse (if you'd like to see scathing wit for me at the time, this is the link for you!)
Voice Analysis for Six Degrees of Separation