Everyday Links
(sites that were useful in making this site, or sites that pretty much anyone can enjoy and love)

Google!- if you aren't already using this search engine, you should be. Bizzare sites and fun games. Hours of entertainment. Fanfic and plenty of it.
Truth or Fiction- A great site proving and disproving e-Rumors as well as real life wives tales.
Urban Legends Reference Page- More detailed and with more 'proof' that Truth or Fiction, but they seem less reliable, and can be hard to search for something specific. Still, a fun way to kill some time.
Easter Eggs!- 'Easter Eggs' are little secrets and in-jokes that can only be found by the most intrepid. This site is an archive of them.
Bad Candy- A site reviewing all kinds of terrible candy. Quite a lot of profanity, but I've eaten a few of the candies they review, and if the pictures of the rest are any indication, I'd cuss like a sailor too.
Alfabette Zoope- My favorite site to find names for my characters. Name lists.
- Penny Arcade. I didn't like it at first, but now, I think it's just about the coolest webcomic out there.

Friends Links
(Links to sites that my friends (both online and off) run or are really active in)

The Fire and The Light - My forum boards! They're brand new!

It Came From Japan Links
(Anime, cosplay and video game links)

Anime Music Videos.Org. - the biggest collection of anime music videos on the net.
- Hilarious site! If you don't know what engrish is, you HAVE to check this out!
- Heero really isn't toast. (hilariously cute site!)

Bizzaro Links
(sites that are really darn weird, contain objectionable material, or just aren't for everyone)

The Surrealist Compliment Generator- The seared runes crossing your divided consiousness do speak of contemptous cardinals setting a spanish villa ablaze.
The Stone- Time is the answer.
T-Shirt Hell- Most of their shirts I find offensive. But the few that are funny are some of the most hilarious things ever.
Homestar Runner- Home of the Strong Bad e-mails. Hilarious!
Blinkerfluid- A site with links to the most bizzare sites on the internet. Much more interesting that, but also more offensive, in general.