Satanic Lawnchairs!!!

(where's Weekly World News when you need 'em?)

I woke up the other day and walked outside, only to find out that the lawnchairs by the pool have been performing strange, possibly Satanic, possibly Poseidanic, rituals in the middle of the night, and are now, much like gargoyles when the daylight comes, frozen in place.

I finally have the pictures to put up of the strange sight that greeted me that morning. Put your cursor over the picture to see the description of that picture.

The view from my window

A closer view

another closer view

I theorize that these are the shamans, or preists of the ritual

But the story isn't over yet. More pictures to come of the MASSIVE THREE DAY ICE STORM that followed the bizzare dance of the lawnchairs!
Coincidence? I think not.

Take me back! My EYES! MY EYES!