Below you will find the journal of this costume's creation. Hold mouse over picture for more details, if there are any.

Costume Journal

These are the materials:

The Normal Fabrics. (some have already been cut.) Bits and Pieces. (craft supplies, fasteners, misc.)
Boot Material. (it's a leathery looking vinyl.)

Day One

I didn't take any pictures really durring Day One, but you can see a little bit of what I did after the fact. I mostly worked on the Link tunic which is still too long. I made the collar myself with no pattern, but there's something weird about the neck of the costume. Hopefully my mom will know how to fix it. I think I've just sewn it a little funny and there shouldn't be a problem.

Pictures of the day's work:

Close up of the problematic neck.  Doesn't look so bad in the picture, really.
The full tunic.  It's a little long.

Frustrated Level: (on a scale of 1-10) 3. Not a bad day, though I had to do the collar twice and it STILL doesn't lay right. ::sigh::

Day Two

Not a bad day. I mostly just cut things out until I couldn't take it anymore. I worked for about three hours to get this all cut out, and I didn't do any actual sewing. But I've got all the pieces cut for Link's leggings and sleeves, and all of the (many) pieces for Zelda's shirt (but not the sleeves).

Pictures of the day's work:

Zelda's shirt pieces and interfacing.  Most pieces have a mirror image piece, but I couldn't fit them all in the shot.
Link's pants and sleeves.  The sleeves are lying on top of the pants, you can see them if you look hard.
Frustrated Level: 1. I got in the "zone" so to speak and didn't even notice the time passing. A great day two!

Day Three

There are no pictures.
There are no words.
The last line says all.

Frustrated Level: 10!

Day Four

Today went fairly well. I don't feel like a did a whole lot, much like day two, but things are actually comming together. I took a several day long break from it to calm down after a depressing Day Three where I had to undo just about everything I did all day. The pants are looking like pants. I did darts for the first time *correctly*. And I made my own pattern. Not a stress-less day, but I certainly did get in the "zone".

Pictures of the day:

Look!  Link's pants!
The back and front of the Zelda top.  Hooray for well done darts!
The vest. Version 1.0

Frustrated Level: 3.

Day Five

Not a very productive day on the actual sewing part today in some respects. But I got lots of advice from Mom (hi mom!) and I finished the vest up. Turns out that it was too long and I had to shorten it! I should have a picture of me wearing it up here soon, but the one I took today didn't turn out very good. I found out that I'm probably going to have to re-sew the tunic, but having done it once, I think it should go much faster the second time through.

Pictures of the day:

Vest, version 2.0.  Finished! (12 to go...)

Frustrated Level: 2

Day Six/Seven

Two not terrible productive days back to back. I didn't even bother to take pictures after day six, so the two are together. It's getting into crunch time, so hopefully you'll see things leap dramatically over the next two days. I'm going to try to take pictures as I go tomorrow so you can see the process. Anyway, I did get a few things done. My pants are cut out and all the pieces for the crown and earrings are finished, though they still need to be sanded and painted. Whew!
In case you wanted to know for some reason, I made the crown and earrings with this magical stuff called Sculpey and the crown is built on a piece of lead piping (I think it's supposed to be for doing your own stained glass windows) to give it more strength. I'm pretty proud of them, even though they still look really rough.
I also got most of the Zelda shirt done, though I had to get mom to fix the collar for me, because it did something weird. Just like the Link collar! Blah. Oh yes, and I found out that I will, in fact, have to completely resew Link's tunic. That should only take an hour or two, though, now that I know how to do it.

Pictures of the day:

Zelda pants.  (the pic came out blurrier than normal for some reason...)

Earrings and pieces of the crown

(pic of shirt comming soon.)

Frustrated Level: 1.
Scared I won't get things finished in time level: 8

Final Rush

The last two days of making this costume were nothing short of hellish. Mom and I had some great fun, but after two days of not going to sleep until the wee hours, getting up early in the morning and sewing all day, I was worn out, and not finished on the day of the con. And for awhile it looked like my pants wouldn't fit... Still, it all came together in the end, and several people took pictures of us! Hopefully I'll find some of those pictures on the net, and I'll post links to them here.
I didn't get many pictures of the final few days because I was too busy sewing my butt off. Still, here's what I do have, and I'll be getting some more pictures of me in my costume over the next few days when I have the time!

Shirt and Vest on me.  Still needs sleeves and clasps. The shirt.  Needs sleeves. Belt pieces. The infamous pants that wouldn't fit.

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