Cosplay- Zelda

This costume is finished!
This costume was worn at: Akon 14!
There is a costume journal for this costume here

This was my first costume that I really tried to make myself, although I still relied quite heavily on my mother for advice, and help in the final rush of getting the thing put together. I made Gene a Link costume while I was making this, and while it turned out alright, I don't really have any pictures of him wearing it. So that's why you'll see it on the costume journal page, but there are no pictures here. Most of these pictures come from a photo shoot I did with some friends. I always wanted to do an adult version of this costume, since I went as her for Halloween when I was a little kid, so this costume is like living a dream for me!

Me in the hotel room at A-kon, getting ready to leave.
Looking regal and serious. More looking regal.
Relaxing in the woods.
My favorite cosplay pic of me and it was non-posed!
A sleeping princess.
A sleeping princess- close up

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