Cosplay- Vincent Valentine (girl version)

sexy vampire boy

This costume is finished!
This costume has been worn at: Ushi-Con 3.

I'm very proud of how the cape turned out. I was sewing it together AT the convention Thursday night and part of Friday daytime, and I messed some things up, but it turned out looking pretty good in the end. My friend Yami-chan (she's the girl in the Sephiroth costume) made the claw for me, and it turned out excellent! We're planning on making a bunch of female versions of male characters and vice versa over the next few conventions, because we like doing weird, but recognisable things. I don't think I've ever had so many pictures taken of me in all my life! It was awesome!
Because so much of the costume is just things I had lying around, and I did over half of the cape at the con, there's no pictures or costume journal of this one while it was being created.

Mindaroth and I.  Aren't I sexy? Same pose, but a close up of me.
Casual Villains.  Or casual villain and possible vampire.  This picture is courtesy of

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