Cosplay- Nanami Kiryuu

(pictures of what the costume should look like are comming soon!)

This costume is FINISHED!
This costume was worn at: Akon 12, Akon 13 and Ushi-con 2.

My mother made all of this costume, though I... er... painted the shoes. This is my favorite costume, but no one ever knows who I am, and I almost never get any pictures of me taken in it. Also, the shoes are terribly uncomfortable, so I don't wear it much anymore, but as you can tell from the cons it's been to that it's a well-loved costume. I hope to wear it again to a con, but I wanted to move on to other costumes. All these pictures are from a recent photo shoot.

This makes no sense if you haven't seen the series, but if you have, I hope you crack up! Aren't those Touga's opera glasses?
Secret Spice. Plotting something. Waiting for Touga. Just me having fun.

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