Aggie Con 2002

Quotes From The Trip!

Okay, some of these just aren't going to make sense to most of you, though I've included breif explanations with a few. But for those of you that were there, have a little walk down memory lane!

In the car on the way:
"It's Barbie doll pink, but not *bad* Barbie doll pink."

"Mmmm... linoleum."

"Dear Prison Diary, David did the cutest thing today that made my imprisonment by students in this rat infested hell-hole worthwhile."
-Phillip, talking about Neil Gaiman (the guest of honor at the con) and several of our party's less than honorable intentions towards him.

"Radish. Radish. Radish."

"Mormons have to go out and--"
"Grow old?"
-Phillip and Wylie

"It sounded like you said 'special equipment to access the b*tches'"
"Well, I have *that*."
-CJ and Wylie (he was actually talking about private *beaches*, and needing special permits and things to use them)

"By the way, we're doomed."

"Aaaaaah! I'm being smited!"

"Jesus is getting a broken leg when we get out of the car!"
-David (I believe this was after someone had said something and someone else quipped "who died and made you Jesus?")

"It's followhosen time again."

"By 'entropy' he means 'gay'."
-David (after someone... Wylie, I think, declared himself the King of Entropy)

Things said at the con:

"And we gave ourselves a decade to put fire on the moon..."
-Lyrics from "Fire in the Sky", eventually spawned this site

"Death is an equal opportunity employer"
-Con panelist who's name I cannot remember

"Wylie at the Hindenfish disaster"

Dragonball Z is what wrestling *should* be."
-said by some guy named "Catnip" apparently. Overheard some guy telling his friend about it.

All of the following quotes are somewhat sacreligious in nature when seen by themselves. While they might not be any better if someone knows the backstory, I'm gonna tell it anyway, until I get the full story of the con up.
Phillip, Matt and I all played in a demo game of a system this guy made up called "Archangel". The game takes place in the time period between when the Old Testament ends and the New Testament begins and involves angels, demons and normal humans. I haven't figured out if I'm happy someone brought religion into the gaming world, or if I think the whole mess is sacreligious, but it was really fun to play it once. I'm not gonna go in depth in the storyline of the setting or the game itself, but here's what you need to know to, perhaps, appreciate these quotes: People can (and did) play angels
I was playing a "Skeptic" (one of the character classes)- a Skeptic is the only character class who doesn't believe in God. I was playing an Egyptian slave who'd escaped.
Matt (who is about as non-Christian as they come) was playing an "Apostle" which is another character class you can be. It also happens to be the most holy non-angel class you can play. Me being a Skeptic and him an Apostle was the source of much humor all on it's own.
My character, as a former slave, was essentially wearing some rags I had found.
I think that's all you need to know.

"So let me get this straight- he's a missing *schitzophrenic* angel?"
-CJ (I think?)

"Angel Baiting-- it's a new sport!"
-CJ (after my character had gotten one of the angel characters into a very heated theological arguement)

"There are degrees of 'whiff'"
-Matt, trying to explain to me how the combat system worked, and that you could miss or miss kind of badly, or miss EXTREMELY badly.

Matt's character then proceded to *attempt* to grab my character by the back of her rags to haul her out of some danger or another. He suceeded in the roll to grab the rags, but then failed the roll to haul me away. Badly. Repeatedly. Try critical failure three times in a row. Which is BAD, for those of you who don't game, and statistically difficult. The resulting rag rippage led to the final two quotes of this trip:

"Oh great... I've been stripped by an apostle."

"Hmm... would you say Matt's character copped a *fail*?"

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