A listing of the various major events I have been a part of and have pictures from. Click on the "More details" link to see whatever other tidbits I have from the event. Sometimes it's pictures, sometimes quotes, sometimes trip diaries. There's no real format, but it's usually something cool.

SFFS Halloween Ball 2002
Science Fiction Fantasy Society's first attempt at a MAJOR fundraiser. A mixed sucess. I was on the committee that put it all together and I had fun, but it was a LOT of work.
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Ushi Con 1- 2002
Ushi Con 2- 2003
Austin's first anime convention! 2002 was it's first year, and I was part of the madness! Fun, wacky, and right in my backyard-- what more could I ask for in a convention? No details for Ushi Con 1 since I was only there for a part of one day.

Ushi Con 2-More details

Project A-Kon 11
Project A-Kon 12
Project A-Kon 13
Project A-Kon 14

The oldest anime convention in the South, maybe in the whole US of A. Held in Dallas every summer, A-kon was the first anime convention I ever went to. And thus began the madness. While I did attend A-kon 11, I have no pictures to speak of, and don't really remember order of events very well, so there are no more details.

A-Kon 12- More details...
(>_<)A-Kon 13- More details...
(>_<)A-Kon 14- More details...

Aggie-Con 2002
A science-fiction/fantasy convention held at Texas A&M. My first non-anime convention!
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