Other Fiction

These are the guys that don't have a home in any of the other sections. Hopefully there will be an Utena page eventually, but right now, these are just the potpourri of the site.

Semi-Mystical Garbage
(Revolutionary Girl Utena, Touga's POV)
Rating: PG
Touga's always getting bad press (except for the
fact that he's gorgeous). Maybe it's time to hear
his side of the story.

Silent Stars
(Fushigi Yuugi, very mild shounen-ai, angst, Hotohori/Nuriko)
Rating: PG (mostly for angst)
Hotohori deals with a very painful loss.
Spoiler for episode 32/33

Deja Vu (original)
Rating: G... but dark and weird
About "Deja Vu"
This one's for Amanda.
Ever wonder who you might be if you were really someone else?

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