((Just a warning, this story contains YAOI- that’s M/M pairings.  If this is squigy to you, please read the non-yaoi version of this story.  If not, continue onwards.))


Fly With Me This Evening

By Deathswings 



They blazed a trail I dared to run.

They built this world and I have come.

I need another, like a brother,

For a crying shoulder.


Treize sat at his massive desk, staring out the window at the grounds of the mansion far below him.  All of his plans were going exactly how he had always wanted them to, and yet nothing was going right at all.  He was losing, and he knew it.  And soon, very soon, he would lose Zechs. 

That Zechs would side with the colonies was no surprise to Treize.  He knew that the young officer’s time in OZ was merely to facilitate his own revenge on those who had destroyed his home.  With that mission completed, there was no longer any reason for Zechs to remain with OZ, especially now that control was being so easily handled by Romafeller… which even Treize himself had not been happy about.  With Duke Dermail dead, however, he was beginning to sense a change in the weather… and the change was not good.  He was headed towards an inevitable end.  And that end was beginning to look like his death.  He was not afraid of death; however, there was one thing he had to do before he went.

Treize leaned over and switched on his communication unit, typing in a number that was *very* familiar to him.


Zechs sighed and moved automatically to read the message.  Being the leader of a warring body of people was somewhat taxing, and he’d just laid down and was looking forward to a good night’s rest when the unit had beeped.  Cursing in several different languages, Zechs opened the message… and his heart suddenly thudded once very hard in his chest.  Treize!  The message was from Treize!



I know you are terribly busy right now, but I would sincerely appreciate it if you would visit me soon.  As old friends, not as enemies.  There is something I wish to discuss with you about the end of the war, and it is far too delicate a matter to talk about over open and interceptable communications channels.





Zechs’ eyes widened.  Treize was requesting his presence on Earth?  Zechs was torn… Treize had been his closest friend, and more, for as long as he could remember.  But there was much to do here, and Treize was also the enemy.  Or rather, Treize was in with the enemy.  Even now, Zechs had a hard time thinking of Treize as anything other than a comrade.  They had been through so much together.  So much… Friends, eh Treize?  Are we just friends now?  Or is that just due to these ‘highly interceptable channels’?  Zechs made his decision quickly, in the end, there was really only one possible decision, and wrote a brief letter to Trieze.


And this could be the last time

You will stand by my side.

Well, I can feel my soul; it’s bleeding,

Will you fly with me this evening?


A week later, they stood staring at each other from across a deserted airfield.  Both had slipped their aides and their people to come here and meet in absolute privacy.  It was the first time they had met since their falling out- which had been much more personal than the media had made it out to be.  Treize sighed softly.  Zechs was so beautiful- even more now that the whole world could see that beauty.  He headed across the runway towards him.  The two men stood in front of each other, both seeming to wait for the other to move first.  The moment was stiff and slightly awkward- more so considering that not only were these men world leaders, but best friends, and former lovers.

“Hello Treize.”

“Hello Zechs.  It’s… been awhile, hasn’t it?”

“Only a few weeks, really, but…” something in Treize snapped and he silenced Zechs with a kiss.  Treize was suddenly very glad that he’d decided on a ~private~ airfield.  Zechs leaned into the kiss, the physical attraction between the two undeniable.  In the end, they’d only ended up leaving the other because they couldn’t fight the same way anymore, and in these difficult times you couldn’t do things halfway,

“I missed you,” Zechs whispered softly against his lips.

“I missed you too, love.” 

Zechs rubbed his nose against Treize’s, his tone playful,

“What did you want to speak to me about?”

“My will,” Treize said softly, unable to meet Zechs’ too blue eyes.

“Your will?” Zechs’ eyes went wide, “But you’re not going to ~die~ are you Treize?”

“Actually, Milliard, I think I am.  I don’t think I’ll make it out of this war alive.”

“Treize…” there was a sudden sneaking thought in the back of Zechs’ mind, “Treize… You didn’t bring me here so I could kill you, did you?  Because I can’t Treize, you know I can’t.”

“I don’t honestly know why I brought you here, Zechs… I needed to see you again.  I needed to let you know that I didn’t hate you, that I didn’t think any less of you for leaving, for choosing the path that you have chosen.”

“I knew that, Treize, I never thought that you did hold any of that against me.  I’m so sorry things had to turn out this way.  There’s very little else I’d like to do than stay right by your side forever.  But you and I both know that I can’t.”

“I know.  And there’s something else… something very important, but very personal.”


“There’s someone you need to know about.  Her name is Mariemaia.”

“A lover?” Zechs tried valiantly to keep the jealousy out of his voice and failed miserably.  Treize smiled slightly,

“No.  My daughter.”  Zechs’ eyes did impressions of dinner plates,

“Your… daughter…”

“Yes.  I was very young and the woman wasn’t much older.  That’s really all you need to know.  If all things went as I thought they should, we’d be taking care of her now as a family.  But things never go as people plan, do they?  Promise me, if I die, you’ll protect her?  I’m willing the Krushrenada estate to you, I trust you to give her what you feel is appropriate when she comes of age.”

“Treize… Treize I’m honored, but I…”

“No buts.  Just do it- for me?”

“I will.  If I live through this war, I’ll care for her like she’s my own daughter, I promise.”  Treize felt a small dart of sadness twinge in his heart as Zechs said that.  Did Zechs feel the same impending doom that Treize did?  He was so beautiful- to see that beauty die would be a terrible, terrible tragedy.  Zechs was so young… but then, this was a children’s war.  And Treize was not much older than a child himself,

“Zechs… are you sure you can’t kill me?  I didn’t… I didn’t bring you here for that.  But… Why don’t we just end it now?  This whole war has become pointless.  And we’ve cornered ourselves in so that it can’t end until both of us are dead.  Why not like this?  Just square off, and end it all on the field of battle, die like the soldiers we were born to be.”  Zechs burrowed deeper in his arms, hiding his face against Treize’s shoulder.

“Treize… I have the Epyon; you wouldn’t even stand a chance once I got in the cockpit.  That’s not a fair fight, that’s suicide, and I will not help you commit suicide.”

“Then fight in a normal mobile suit.  I know you can do almost as much with a Leo as with a Gundam.”

Zechs pulled back, and gazed into Treize’s eyes.  Once again, there was only one possible decision.

“Yes.  Yes, let’s go.”


Sober mind time now is gone.

They carved my body not of stone.

A petty maze of emptiness,

I’ve said the hell with all the rest.


Treize clicked his seat restraint buckle shut and relaxed back against the seat, shutting his eyes for a moment.  He was doing this.  Here it was.  And he knew he was going to lose.  He was facing his death.  He wasn’t going to kill Zechs and he knew it, but the blonde young man had seemed accepting of his task of killing Treize- better this way that let one of the Gundam pilots do it.  Besides, he would joyfully fly to his death if Zechs would be the one taking him there. 

He powered up the engine and prepared to fight.  Both of them had chosen the Aries, much to Treize’s surprise.  Zechs had said he’d gotten used to actually flying his suit, and he’d prefer one that did the same.  On his view screen, Treize saw Zechs also power up and lift into the air.  And then Zechs was rushing towards him.

It was a test attack.  Zechs didn’t come in too fast, so he could dart away.  Treize fired anyway, just to keep the young pilot on his toes.  Then, much to his surprise, Zechs darted away entirely! 

With a puzzled growl, Treize began pursuit of the mobile suit.  Why would Zechs just take off like that?

“Running away, Zechs?”

“You want to fight me?  Catch me!” Zechs’ tone was playful, almost seductive, and Treize found he couldn’t resist the challenge; some small part of his mind wishing that phrase had fallen from Zechs mouth while engaged in a slightly… different… activity. Puzzled at the change in tactics, he gunned his engines and sped after the former Lieutenant. 


And this could be the last time

You will stand by my side.

Well, I can feel my soul; it’s bleeding,

Will you fly with me this evening?


The chase was fast paced, and over just as quickly as it had begun.  They were soon neck and neck, the terrain flying underneath them as they switched positions several times, firing on each other. And then, Zechs ducked under him and rammed up, throwing the older man into a tailspin.  Treize managed to pull out of the spin, but he could see the tree line was quickly approaching.  He had two options- pull up and risk having the engines stall and hold him motionless, a sitting duck, or slam right into the trees, possibly dying in the crash.

He pulled up. 

His engine locked up from the strain, holding him floating serenely in midair.

“Do it Zechs… you’ll never get a better shot, and you earned this.”

There was a tremendous silence on the other end of the communicator.

“No.  Restart your burners.  I’m not going to shoot you like that.  I’m not going to shoot you at all.  You can’t die like this Treize… love”

“Milliardo… Don’t pity me.  I’m nothing but an enemy here.”

“I’m not pitying you.  You invited me here as a friend- that’s how I intend to leave,” Treize could hear the smirk in his voice, “Unless of course, you don’t have plans for the evening…”


“Come on.  Restart your burners.  Let’s get moving!”


“Yes.  I propose a different kind of contest…” there was that lovely, purring tone again.

Treize restarted the burners and moved to hover beside Zechs,

“What kind of contest?” Treize was sure he knew the answer.

“See those trees over there?”


“Race you to them.  Anything goes.”

Treize suddenly found himself smiling- that was unexpected.

“You’re on.”

The race was neck and neck the whole way to the trees.  Treize rammed the back of Zechs’ suit, hoping to throw him into a familiar tailspin, but instead only succeeded in making him go faster.  Treize gunned his engine into speeds that the mobile suit was not designed for and strove to catch up.  The whole suit shook from this action, but Treize held on and gunned it even more.  It was then that he realized he was still grinning like an idiot, and a strange urge to whoop like a little kid was building in his chest.  He let it loose, laughing and yelling all the way to the trees.

When they made it back to the base, Treize was still laughing, wonderfully exhilarated.  He burst out of the Aries full speed and caught the emerging Zechs up in his arms, placing a very enthusiastic and ardent kiss to his lips. 

“That… that was great!  Zechs… how did you know?”  Zechs laughed and kissed the end of Treize’s nose,

“I fly too, you know.  I know what it feels like to just let loose.  And you never get a chance to do that anymore,”

“No… I suppose I don’t.”  He should let Zechs go, let him return to his life, himself retuning to his own as well… but he couldn’t quite make his muscles allow Zechs to go,

“Zechs… let loose yourself,” he tightened his arms around the young nobleman, “Stay with me this evening,” he brushed his lips against his ear, meaning blatant, “Fly with me again…” Zechs kissed him gently,

“How could I refuse, Treize, how could I possibly refuse?”


And this could be the last time

You will stand by my side.

Well, I can feel my soul; it’s bleeding,

Will you fly with me tonight?


The next morning found them in a similar embrace near the mobile suits.  Zechs pulled away from Treize gently,

 “I have to go.  You know that.  I’ve been gone too long already.  And I suppose, the next time we meet, we’ll be enemies.”

“Yes… I suppose we will,” Treize gave Zechs one final kiss- a kiss to remember.  A kiss before dying.  He ran his thumb over Zechs’ lip, “I love you, Zechs… Milliardo….”

“I love you too, Treize.   Good-bye.”

“Good- bye…”


And this could be the last time

You will stand by my side.

Well, I can feel my soul; it’s bleeding,

Will you fly with me this evening?




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