This is a very special fanfic for a very special friend. Amanda, you mean everything to me. You are my inspiration. Thank you for listening to my stories and being patient with my obsessions. This one is entirely for you.


Déjà vu

By Deathswings ( )

[Rain. A dark night. The rain pools into puddles on the sidewalk. A girl walks along the sidewalk. She is dressed in a faded yellow raincoat and she carries a battered red umbrella. Neither seems to be doing any good. She pushes open a door and walks inside a building. The sign on the door reads "Branch Library". This fades out and is replaced by a different girl, who stares out a window at the rain. She is dressed in an old-fashioned dress. She presses her face to the glass for a moment and closes her eyes. Then she fades as well.]

My deja vu, you're my obsession...

[An old fashioned carriage pulls up to a huge house and the girl from the window leaps out, running across the grounds to fling herself into the arms of an older man, obviously her father. He swings her around once before setting her back on the ground. As she does, she becomes aware that there is someone watching her from the shadows. She turns and sees a boy standing there. This is overlaid with a pair of amber eyes. She fades, though the eyes remain. The raincoat girl fades in. She is seated in a comfortable chair, reading a book. It is obviously well loved, dog-eared and falling apart. The title cannot be seen. It appears to have been worn off. The golden eyes slowly fade]

My deja vu, everything is up to you
If you still want me you know where to search
We'll get the magic back again
My deja vu, everything is up to you
If you do want me you'll know where to search.

[The old fashioned girl touches the boy's shoulder and turns him around. His face cannot be seen. She says something to him, and shakes his head, then walks away. She extends her hand towards him, almost pleading, but he doesn't see. She fades into the raincoat girl, who is in the same position, her eyes focused on something only she can see]

I wanna see you dancing naked
I wanna see you touch the moon
But when I try to reach your fingers
You just vanish to air

[Window girl watches the boy play piano. She opens her mouth and sings, though we cannot hear the song. The boy raises his head as though shocked, but he continues to play. She walks up behind him, almost touching him, but she stops at the last moment, biting her lip]

I wanna feel you with my senses
Cause I'm almost sure the texture of your skin
Is gonna tell me who you are

[Raincoat girl gets a pen out of her backpack and makes notes in the margin of the book. Her motions are flurried, almost feverish, as though she is possessed]

My deja vu, you're my obsession
My deja vu it's always you

My deja vu, everything is up to you
If you do want me you'll know where to search
We'll get the magic back again
My deja vu, everything is up to you

[A man enters the library where raincoat girl is at. He glances over at her. Gold eyes overlay her reading form for a moment before they vanish. The man sits at a cubicle across the room from her]

If you do want me you'll know where to search

[Window girl cries into his shoulder, his arms around her protectively- no more. The scene shifts, and she stands in the middle of a room, destruction all around her. The young man is seething with rage, these must be his things, yet he says nothing. After a moment of tense silence, the girl storms out of the room. She runs into her room, and flings herself onto her bed, sobbing.
Raincoat girl wipes away a tear and closes her eyes. She shuts the book and presses it to her heart, shaking her head slowly]

I wanna hold you like I used to
I wanna feel you in my blood
I wonder why do I confess this
To myself all the time

[She slides the book into her backpack, then stands to go. She pauses as she passes the computers. She glances down at her watch, up to the computer, then back to her watch again. She sighs softly and sinks into one of the computer chairs, typing something into YAHOO]

I know that time is working against us
But I'll long for you the rest of my whole life
Like a prisoner of hope

[Window girl is working in a garden on a balcony. Her hair blows in the wind, which is blowing ominously. The sky is grey, oppressive. The young man watches her in her garden, unnoticed.
Raincoat girl signs off and heads for the door, pulling on her raincoat]

My deja vu, you're my obsession
My deja vu, it's always you

[Window girl speaks to the young man angrily. He shakes his head slowly.
Raincoat girl fiddles with her umbrella, heading for the door}

I have tried to get to know you,

[Window girl turns away from him, pacing angrily towards the balcony railing.
Raincoat girl stiffens and whirls around, but the man who was sitting in the cubicle is gone.]

To get you off my mind...

[Raincoat girl's world spins around her and she leans on the library door for support.
Window girl puts her hand to her hand to her forehead and stumbles backwards, her hand meeting the balcony railing, her full weight falling upon it.]

It feels like going back in time and-

[The balcony gives under her weight and she falls into darkness]


[She lies lifeless on the ground, the young man standing over her, his hair blowing in the wind]

I see your figure once again

[Raincoat girl is back out in the rain. She struggles through the downpour, head down]

My deja vu, everything is up to you
If you still want me you'll know where to search

[She runs into someone in her haste]

My deja vu, you're my obsession
My deja vu, it's always you

[And she looks up, her eyes wide... and they meet a pair of golden ones]

My deja vu, you're my obsession....