About "Things Aren't What They Appear to Be"

Well, this story, as most of my stories do, has an odd story behind it. As I have said before, people often ask writers where they get their ideas. Well, most of mine come to me in that moment right before I fall asleep when the lines between what's real and what isn't blur just slightly. Therefore, I was highly surprised when this story came to me in the middle of the day... while I was taking a shower.
Now if you've read the story, you should have laughed slightly there. Yes, I got the idea while I was in the shower. It was a somewhat different idea then, with Luc more worried about personal safety than hiding anything. (I'm trying not to spoil the story here...) But when I started to write it, it just sort of came out this way. Luc was originally much more flippant about everything, but I like him better like this. Luc is the first original character that I have ever come up with who I have actually liked and/or thought was any good. Most of my OC's are rather flat, two dimensional, lacking in depth and redundant. (Yes, that was a joke, you can laugh now!)
I love Delia as well. She doesn't get any more than a two sentance nod in this story or the next one, but just you wait, she plays a major role in the later chapters of the Clamshell Peach Diaries, and I've got something else in store for her... and it involves Rufus... Hmmm...
At any rate, I apologise for the timelines not matching up to the game AT ALL, but it had to be done in order for the story to exist as it does. If that offends anyone, they can suck eggs. Just think of it as an AU fic, if that helps any, though it wasn't written as such.

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