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About "Games in the Mind"

This series started out with extremely humble beginnings and has grown into my favorite series of mine. Though it didn't start out this way, the purpose of the series became clear as I started writing "Ailes"- write a yaoi series in which Relena is not a bitch.

This is much harder than you might think! :)

I hope I've done a fairly good job of it, though that is for you to judge. The rest of the comments are divided up by story.

I got the idea for "What I Might Already Have" in the car on the way to a store to get anime videos (I was successful in getting Bakretsu Hunters and the first four Fushigi Yuugi videos, by the way!) because I was listening to my Live CD. It seemed like a good song to write a Gundam Wing story to. The orignal story idea was VERY different. It was actually told from Duo's point of view, and had nothing to do with Relena. But by the time I wrote it down, the idea had changed completely.

"Don't Ask Anymore" was inspired by the last story, and a driving need to write down the whole thing from Duo's perspective. At the time when this story was written, "L'Ailes de L'Hiver" was already in the second draft, but I really feel that this story needed to come first. Also, at the time the story was written, there was only one more part to it. As of now, there are six parts, five of which are written. That's a large difference!

"L'Ailes de L'Hiver", as I have said before was actually written before "Don't Ask Anymore" but I felt it had to come after it chronologically. I know the song doesn't match the story AT ALL, but it just had the perfect feel to it, you know?

"Weak Hearts"-This story wasn't even supposed to happen, but I felt the driving need to give Trowa and Quatre a little but of closure... and then I heard "Ice Cream" (which has always been a favorite song of mine) on the radio. The rest, as they say, was history. Though this story occurs chronologically after "Could I Ever Forget You?" I feel that it needs to be placed here... though I'm not sure why. Right about now is when I decided that the series would probably only be five stories long.

"Could I Ever Forget You?"- And here you have it. The reason this series is different from most of the other GW yaoi series out there. I hope I did an okay job making Relena's decsion believable, as well as Heero's confession. If not, sorry, but that's what had to happen for the story to happen. I know this one took awhile to get up, but it was actually a pure joy to write.

The lyrics before each story are from "Break Me, Shake Me" by Savage Garden. I chose them because they seemed to fit the story. The verses are out of order, I know, I had to do that for them to fit. Each verse is from the point of view of the people in the story.

I don't know if this is the end or not. I really don't feel the call to write any more of the series... but it doesn't feel finished yet either. We shall see, I suppose... We shall see...

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