About "The Fire and the Light"

(By the way FF6 is the same as FF3 here in the US. I use the names interchangably)

There was a long road leading up to this story's creation. This is the first novel length story I'd ever written. There are still some major bugs in it, though I'm fixing more and more of them as I grow older. Parts of it are still juvenile, and parts of it are boring, but there are some parts that are beautiful, which is why I have stuck with it. It basically retells the story of FF3, but I have added my own twists, and a whole host of new characters, as well as an epilogue which I think is supremely creepy. Judge for yourself once this monster is done!
Ther are a few things you need to know about my version of FF3:
If you are a purist, you will not like this story.
Gau and Umaro are nowhere to be found, sorry.
My timeline is a little different from that of the game, and some events may not occur in their "correct" order.

The rest of this is divided by chapter since it's such a long story.
What's Comming?
Chapter One


This wasn't originally part of the story. However, while I wrote the rest, I began to realise that since I hate reading boring expositions, I needed a way to either avoid one completely, or make it somehow interesting. The Prolouge should read like a history book, a little dry and boring, but packed with information. It was meant to be that way.
So why write a prolouge at all? Why not let the reader just discover the story twists on their own, like the player would? Several reasons, actually.
First, I am trying to create a story here that is acessible and interesting both to people who have played the game and people who haven't, and it just seemed like a good idea to give people who don't know what's going on a way to ease into this world. Second, both my storyline and my way of telling the story are slightly diferrent (ocasionally WIDELY different!) from the orignal story, and I wanted to introduce my version of the events. Third, I noticed that a theme had appeared as I wrote. This is a story about dreams, and time bending backwards on itself, the doomed repeating history once more, while several brave people attempt to stop it... and fail. I felt that, keeping with this theme, there ought to be a bit about the history of this place right from the start.

Chapter One: The Begining

Well, the most obvious change between this chapter and the game is that it doesn't start at the beginning, does it? I have always thought that the only reason they make you go through the whole Vicks and Wedge thing at the begining of the game is to get you used to the controls. The game would have a whole new level of creepiness if the game started where the story starts.
Creepiness. I like creepiness. I think that because FF3 was made to be played, not read, the creepy factor was severely lessened. It would be scary to wake up and not know who you are. It would be frightening to be 18 years old and suddenly be the focus of a war that you can't remember having anything to do with, and the game plays down that angle. I play it up. There's a lot of confusion in this first chapter, and it's supposed to be there. This is one of my least favorite chapters, I hate setting up a story.
Oh yes, and in case you were wondering, Kefka *is* just as much of a bastard, he just hasn't gotten started yet.

Upcomming News on ''Fire...''

This story is on hold for awhile. It's been so long since I've written it that getting up to my current standards is like translating from French- fun, but hard... and very time consuming. I AM still re-writing it, but it's going to go up VERY slowly.
Thus said, here's a teaser for the chapters that might not arrive until summer- or even later:

Chapter Two: Wherein we learn the power of fire, and the tenacity of life, as well as Terra's well kept secret.

Chapter Three: Wherein we meet new friends (but keep the old), see a major deviation from the game's plotline, and discover the miraclulous power of hope.

Chapter Four: Wherein lovers are parted and found again and we see more of Terra's dark past. (and perhaps are treated to the introduction of a most unsual woman)

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