Why the Hell...?

Who Can Hold a Memory?

Well... let's see. I think this one just sort of came out of nowhere. It's one of the first stories I ever wrote entirely on the computer, and *I* can tell the difference, but I doubt if anyone else can. I've never really liked my videofics, but this one was a nice one, as was "Deja Vu". This was written after "We Can't Go Back..." and the song in it is from the same musical. There's also another fanfic in the works that also uses music from The Scarlett Pimpernel, but it's so far from being finished that it isn't even funny. I really don't know what inspired this, other than thinking that the song was just too perfect to resist.

Upcomming News

Since this is really a stand alone, there isn't any. There might be another Scarlett Pimpernel fanfic on the way, but it could be a long while before it makes it here!

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