The Fire and the Light

Why the Hell?

Devil With a Red Dress On.

I don't know.

No really. I don't. Not really anyway. I wrote this quite a while ago and I don't recall any particular thoughts running through my head when I did it.
I *do* seem to recall wanting to do a series of short stories about each one of the Endless, but do them in such a fashion that I never once mentioned their names. This and a Delirium story which is not yet fit for public consumption were the children of that idea, but I never got any father than them. Mabye one of these days I'll get around to finshing the stories. I hope so.
Updates on ''Devil...''

Well... there's not a sequel, that's about it for this story. However, there may be Delirium's story up here soon, and others might follow. I expect the Delirium story to take about two months before it's up here, not because it's long or complex, but just because I have so much else to do. Then, after it's up, I may finally see my way into writing the others. We shall see.

News updated on: 5/6/99

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