But a higher goal was calling
and we vowed to reach it soon.
And we gave ourselves a decade
to put fire on the moon.
~Fire in the Sky

"I thank you for the presents that you sent me:
The monkey, and the plywood violin.
I've practiced every night and now I'm ready.
First, we take Manhattan... then we take Berlin.
-Leonard Cohen

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3/13/04- Finished as much of the cosplay page as I'm going to for now. There's still some pictures I haven't gotten up, but they aren't going to be up for awhile yet.
3/4/04- Getting some things together ever so slowly on the cosplay page for the next few weeks. Consider this one update for all of it. Some of the cosplay links may change and go down durring this. I'll post when I'm done.
9/23/03- Not really an update, so much as a revisal of this front page.
7/21/03- Finally got some pictures up on the "My Apartment" page.
7/17/03- Finished the Link page, fixed some minor errors on other pages.

Special Announcements:

The forum's really pretty much dead, and such. And I'm not going to be posting the kitchen pictures for a while yet.

But there should be a new costume journal soon of me making Gene and I's costumes for A-kon!

My Writing : School papers mostly, with a little creativity thrown in. Will eventually also contain rants.

Special Events: The out of the ordinary occurences that make life good.

My Life : My home, my friends, my life at SWT. Also randomness that doesn't fit in anywhere else, and my cosplay page.

Tests : Not the school kind! You can take different tests online to determine funny things about yourself. A collection!

Links : I talk about a lot of different other sites on this page. Here's a list of a few.

(>_<)Explanations There's a lot of odd terms on this site. If you don't know what a word means, or an abbreviation stands for, chances are good it's in here!

Up to the minute (well, okay, not quite the *minute*) CJ information:

Current Mood: Happy that it's Spring Break as I write this!
Currently Reading: The Odyssey.
Song Currently Stuck in Head: "First We Take Manhattan"- Leonard Cohen.
Favorite Song Right Now: "Future Girls"- D.K. Smile or "First We Take Manhattan"- Leonard Cohen.
Current Video Game I'm Trying to Beat: Final Fantasy X-2 (perfect ending), Crystal Chronicles
Current Fan Obsession: Mahoromatic.
Current Costume Ideas for Ushi-con: Fina from Skies of Arcadia, female version of Kefka, Mullenkamp from Vagrant Story.
And A-kon: Flonne from Disgaea, and possibly Fina from Skies of Arcadia
And other cons (Oni-con, O-Chibi-con, Kamakaze-con) Male version of Vincent, Sexy White Mage.
And favorite anime of the week: Mahoromatic, or Read or Die TV.

My Mood is Currently : The current mood of CJ at www.imood.com

The Current mood of the Internet is: The current mood of the Internet at www.imood.com

CJ Contact Info:

AIM Names: Ldyshinigami, AllHailIlpalazzo, xnightwaikerX
Yahoo! Messenger: fromherashes
ICQ number: 300972269
MSN Messenger address: fromherashes@hotmail.com

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Last updated on: 4/13/04

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